Introducing Roamer Koroška - Kärnten - a cross-border trail journey amongst the eastern edgelands of the European Alps.

Over three days, you’ll earn your turns on hand-built singletracks, through abandoned mines and lush green forests, before railing the berms of the Austrian flow country.

A multi-day mountain bike ride where we will explore the natural landscapes further, connect with fellow riders, and the locals that created a story of synergy between conservation and recreation here.

Day 1: Pirkdorfer See > Jamnica

From Pirkdorfer lake our cross-border journey takes Roamers up soft slopes and down purpose-built singletracks to the first hosted camp, at Jamnica

Day 2: Jamnica > Podzemlje Pece

Riding through forests and across alpine meadows, Roamers will arrive at the subterranean world of Mount Pece and, equipped with headlamps, explore the abandoned mining tunnels to reach the next hosted camp, at Petzen

Day 3: Petzen

After a loop on Petzen mountain and a roller coaster ride down one of the flowiest trails in Europe, Roamers will be free to take laps in the bike park

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